Contingency Recruitment

Contingency Recruitment represents an ongoing recruitment and placement activity to client organizations. ARCHELONS will identify, source, recruit and refer candidates for your open requirements on an ongoing basis. Once those candidates have been referred to you, the client company, ARCHELONS will assist in scheduling telephone interviews, arranging plant visits and assisting at any and all levels desired by you, the client, in the employment offer and negotiation process. If you subsequently hire an ARCHELONS referred candidate, ARCHELONS will receive a fee based on our published fee schedule, or the fee schedule in effect between you, the client organization, and ARCHELONS. ARCHELONS endeavors to provide highly professional, cost effective, time sensitive service to all clients whether on a contingency, or a retained basis.

Our contingency recruiting services include research into a potential employee’s personality type, verification of references, experience, as well as claimed and appropriate education and optional full background checks. We also offer optional elaborate personality testing, lie detector testing, drug testing, or other research methods to try to find the best employee for the prospective company.

Our Technology

ARCHELONS has been using state-of-the-art recruitment technologies to track the complete recruitment life-cycle.